Disposable-Medical-Temperature-Sensing-AssembiesGlobal Interconnect manufactures a wide array of molded assemblies for medical and specialty instrumentation markets. No matter what the current design phase is, Global Interconnect can help develop engineering specifications, advise you on the best way to produce a product, or fully process a customer’s completed design.

Our comprehensive in-house tooling capabilities satisfy some of the most sophisticated and challenging tooling requirements, including medical products designed for direct patient exposure. Operating conditions and critical design parameters are always considered in the final solution. Often, the original concept is adjusted to suit changes such as durability expectations, form factor, and physical properties. After considering application engineering concerns, these custom elements are integrated into the most cost-effective solution to meet customers’ strict quality requirements.

Global Interconnect’s experienced engineering team has solved critical concerns for loading, latching, and long-term contact resistance stability (to mention a few) in order to develop custom-engineered solutions for many industries, including the high quality and performance-driven medical device industry. Our drawing documentation provides the needed baseline for detailed checks and performance criteria. Global Interconnect’s drawing package typically provides much more detail than competitive solutions, ensuring a thorough first article validation process that can include statistical analysis, process capability studies and failure mode effect analysis (FMEA) – all customized to meet the most rigid test and qualification requirements.

Global Interconnect’s custom manufacturing programs can be sized to any volume capacity, from small runs to high-volume production.